RELCOM - Reliable and Efficient Combustion of Oxygen/Coal/Recycled Flue Gas Mixtures

FP7-ENERGY-2010-2 Collaborative project 268191

Newsletter July 2012

The RELCOM project is designed to undertake a systematic and focused series of applied research, development and demonstration activities involving both experimental studies and combustion modelling work.

The purpose of these activities is to enable the design and specification of full-scale early demonstration oxyfuel plant and to provide improved assessment of the commercial risks and opportunities.

Partners in the project include higher education institutions, research centres and industrial corporations which bring together the best in research facilities and technology development expertise.

Given the importance of communicating our progress to those who might be interested in following the project from outside, it will be my pleasure as Project Coordinator to publish regular updates over the four year life of the project, briefly highlighting the milestones achieved and sharing newsworthy items. These updates will be six monthly. Welcome then, to the first update and an overview of the first six months of the project!

Progress over the first six months
The project kicked off in Brussels in January with the first official meeting of the Partner representatives. The first six month review took place in June and was combined with an Open Workshop offered at the 17th IFRF International Member Conference in Maffliers, France.

The workshop provided an opportunity for the consortium to showcase to an international audience the work being undertaken in RELCOM, and the event was very well received. Further Open Workshops will be held during the project's life with the next one being planned for Pisa next June.

The presentations made at the first Open Workshop are available for public download in the PROGRESS/WORKSHOPS area of the RELCOM website. The site has been specially designed to afford outsiders with a birdseye view of the project partners and their activities and is well worth repeated visits. The URL is
and the homepage is also immediately accessible over leaf.

Steve Wilcox
RELCOM Project Coordinator

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