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Newsletter July 2014

Welcome to the third of a series of regular updates from the RELCOM Project Coordinator! Two years into the four year project it is my pleasure to highlight some of the milestones achieved to date and share news which could be of interest to external parties.

This is a busy and complex project and my newsletters cannot hope to cover our many technical and dissemination activities in real time.

This is where the RELCOM website comes in. Visitors to be aware that a good deal of information is made publically available on an ongoing basis. The first place to look for updates is in the NEWS area of the site on the home page, but a quick peek into PROGRESS, notably, but not only, the section dedicated to Open Workshops, will reward the visitor with material which is well worth the read. Please feel free to come back often!

Herewith an overview of the main activities since last July when the first newsletter was delivered.


Progress to Month 18

Organised in tandem with the project's fourth General Assembly in the month of June, an open meeting entitled 'TOTeM 41 Optimisation of OXY/COAL/RFG systems' took place in Warsaw on 10th and 11th June at Radission Blu Centrum Hotel.

TOTeM 41 was chaired by Prof. Wojciech Nowak of Czestochowa University of Technology and was articulated around clear thematic areas, each introduced by an expert keynote speaker.

The three keynote speakers at the event included Gerry Hesselmann (Doosan Power Systems) who addressed the topic of "Progress in oxy-fuel combustion", Toby Lockwood of IEA Clean Coal Centre, with "The international status of oxy-coal combustion for CCS" and finally the Polish Ministry of Economy, Elzbieta Wroblewska, who explored the socio-political issues relating to CCS.

Copies of the presentations made during the TOTeM are freely available for download from the PROGRESS/WORKSHOPS area of the site along with the programme, the delegate list and summaries of the introductory comments and the meeting conclusions drawn up by meeting Rapporteur Neil Fricker.

Steve Wilcox
RELCOM Project Coordinator

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